Development of Next Generation Wi-Fi Technologies

6 October 2021

The competent researchers from Kadir Has University and the R&D team from Ambeent, which has achieved significant successes in this area, combine the forces for a TÜBİTAK project called “Development of Next Generation Wi-Fi Technologies” carried out on a university-industry cooperation model. The project, coordinated by Asst. Prof. Yalçın Şadi from the Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering develops Wi-Fi technologies ready to support IoT and 5G/6G applications requiring high service quality data transfer.


A research project has started as of July 2020, through which some researchers from Kadir Has University carrying out successful academic studies in the field of next-generation communication systems, and Ambeent A.Ş., a competent company in this area, develop new generation smart technologies for Wi-Fi systems.

The main focus point of this project called “Development of Next Generation Wi-Fi Technologies,” jointly carried out by Kadir Has University and Ambeent, is to produce artificial intelligence-based solutions for problems due to some conventional techniques that are currently used in Wi-Fi systems, and thus develop Wi-Fi technologies that are ready to support the IoT and 5G/6G applications that require increasingly faster data transfer at high service quality. The project’s total budget that is supported within the scope of TÜBİTAK BİDEB-2244 University-Industry Cooperation Model and will continue to be carried out until July 2028 is an amount TL 1,316,088.

Prof. Dr. Erdal Panayırcı and Prof. Dr. Serhat Erküçük are the researchers at this project that Asst. Prof. Yalçın Şadi from KHAS Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department coordinates. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ergen, founder and CEO at Ambeent, is the coordinator for the industrial progress of the project. Three doctoral students supported under this project’s scope work on the next generation artificial intelligence-based Wi-Fi technologies in line with the doctoral thesis subjects jointly identified by the university’s academicians and the R&D team at Ambeent.

Since it is carried out based on a university-industry cooperation model, the project takes a method different than that used by the university for academic studies: The doctoral students spend one half of their time at the university and the other half of their time at the company. So the students use the R&D department’s facilities to focus on practical problems and have a chance to work on the theoretical parts when they are at the university.

One of the primary purposes of this project, in which KHAS and Ambeent collaborate, is to train personnel with PhD capable of serving at high-level R&D projects in this crucial area. During the performance of the doctoral thesis studies, the team intends to maintain this technology and research cooperation between Kadir Has University and Ambeent A.Ş. in the long run and also create a partnership with a leading position at the international level capable of participating in projects organized by the EU Horizon Europe.

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