Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences 2021-2022 Summer School Final Exams

27 July 2022


Course Code Course Name Instructor Type of Exam Date of Exam Time Classroom
CE241  Computer Programming II FABIO STROPPA  Face-to-face 3.Aug.22 Whole day  LAB2
CE244/CME244  Computer Organization and Architecture TAMER DAĞ  Face-to-face 3.Aug.22 13:00-15:00 B409
IE241/INE241  Manufacturing Processes ZEKİ AYAĞ  Face-to-face 3.Aug.22 10:00-12:00 B409
IE354 Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis AHMET DENİZ YÜCEKAYA  Face-to-face 4.Aug.22 10:00-12:00  B312
IE422 Strategic Planning ZEKİ AYAĞ  Face-to-face 5.Aug.22 10:00-12:00  B311

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