MDBF Seminerleri – Dr. Leonardo De Mattos

2 Kasım 2023
11:00 - 12:00

Mühendislik ve Doğa Bilimleri Fakültemizin düzenlediği seminer serisinin yeni konuğu, Dr. Leonardo De Mattos (Instituto Italiano de Tecnologia, Genoa) olacak.

Dr. Mattos 2 Kasım Perşembe saat 11:00’de Sinema-B’de “Sensors, robotic systems and artificial intelligence for precision health care” başlıklı bir sunum yapacak. Etkinlik ilgilenen herkesin katılımına açıktır ve İngilizcedir.

Özet: Robotic technologies have enormous potential to improve the capacity and efficiency of healthcare systems. Robots can help surgeons perform better quality operations, helping to reduce hospital stays and the impact of surgeries on patients’ post-operative quality of life. In particular, robotics can be of great help in precision medical treatments, such as microsurgeries. These operations present stringent requirements for precision and control of surgical tools, which makes them very interesting application areas for robotics. In this talk, I will present the translational research being conducted at IIT to address key questions in precision medical treatments using sensors, robotic systems and artificial intelligence (AI). These include innovations in mechatronics, perception and surgeon-robot interfaces aimed at introducing new technologies into challenging surgical specialties such as laryngology and pediatrics. Specifically, two main applications will be discussed: transoral laser microsurgery and intravenous catheterization.

Konuşmacı Hakkında: Leonardo S. Mattos received his MSc and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the North Carolina State University (NCSU, USA). Since 2007, he has been a researcher and Head of the Biomedical Robotics Laboratory at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT). Leonardo’s research interest revolves around technology for augmenting the capabilities and performance of humans in delicate and difficult tasks. His research background includes surgical robotics, medical image analysis, augmented reality, teleoperation, biomedical sensors, and micromanipulation. Dr. Mattos was the PI and coordinator of collaborative projects in the areas of robot-assisted endoscopic laser microsurgery (µRALP), assistive systems for ALS patients (TEEP-SLA), and Robotic Microsurgery. He is currently leading work on robotic devices for intravenous access. Leonardo is serving as Editor for Applied Sciences and Associated Editor for IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters. He has served as Guest Editor for Frontiers in Robotics and AI, Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems, Journal of Medical Robotics Research, and for several IEEE flagship conferences.

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