MDBF Seminerleri – Sena Kılınç

3 Kasım 2023
14:00 - 15:00

Mühendislik ve Doğa Bilimleri Fakültemizin düzenlediği seminer serisinin yeni konuğu, Sena Kılınç (Kadir Has Üniversitesi) olacak.

Kılınç, 3 Kasım Cuma saat 14:00’te B-409’da “Advancing Anomaly Detection in Time Serie Data: A Knowledge Distillation Approach with LSTM Model” başlıklı bir sunum yapacak. Etkinlik ilgilenen herkesin katılımına açıktır ve İngilizcedir.

Özet: Anomaly prediction in network monitoring systems is a pivotal component of ensuring robust cybersecurity. This seminar delves into the development of advanced techniques for enhancing anomaly detection, with a primary focus on utilizing the LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory) model and knowledge distillation.

Network monitoring systems face the formidable challenge of coping with massive volumes of data, diverse forms of anomalies, and constantly evolving attack strategies. In response to these challenges, this research investigates the application of the LSTM model, recognized for its ability to capture intricate temporal dependencies within network data.

Moreover, this seminar introduces the concept of knowledge distillation, a method that transfers wisdom from complex “teacher” models to more efficient “student” models. This process streamlines model complexity and accelerates the inference, rendering anomaly detection in network monitoring systems not only more accurate but also highly efficient.

The objective of this seminar is to offer a comprehensive solution that significantly enhances the accuracy and efficiency of anomaly detection in network monitoring systems, thereby bolstering their security and overall performance.

Konuşmacı Hakkında: Sena Kılınç achieved academic excellence by graduating with the second-highest honors from Kadir Has University’s Computer Engineering Department in 2023. Subsequently, in the same year, she commenced her master’s degree at Kadir Has University’s Computer Engineering Department. Sena’s core research domains revolve around Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, and she has channeled her expertise into her current role as a Machine Learning Engineer at iSIMPlatform Company.

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